“How do we deal with this CHANGE?”

“What are our keys to moving to the next level of SUCCESS?”

“Is there a SUSTAINABLE model that fits us?”

Seems like there are a thousand questions which require a like number of strategies and the corresponding tactics for success.

However, there are fundamental truths that when properly focused upon generate each organization the solutions it needs to get where it wants to go.

We provide connections to a formidable amount of experience and options.

Give us a call and we’ll find an ideal path for your need.

Can you say ‘no’?

The first key measure of whether any company or person has a real strategy is their ability to say ‘no’: to opportunities that don’t fit the strategy, to expenditures which aren’t aligned with the strategy, to time commitments which don’t support the strategy, to people who don’t understand or support the strategy.

Do you have a strategy? If its difficult to say ‘no’ or you rarely say it, you probably don’t have a real strategy.

Focus wins!

Next, is the strategy focused and easy to understand? If it is, second line managers and staff will know how to align themselves in a manner that optimizes their time and value. If not, people will chase things that inadvertently undermine the overall value of the strategy and the core strength of the company.

Additionally, your first line leaders and business developers will pursue opportunities that weaken your future. Short term may look better, but if the investments are spread thinner, most companies end up back a square one when the new opportunities burn out or leave for greener pastures.

For strategy to inspire, blossom and be sustainable, less is more.

Shared Aspirations

Roger Hayse at the Hayse Group customarily starts the strategy conversation with ‘what are your personal aspirations’? Then the key task becomes to knit a strategy which is made up of connections between those aspirations. This approach builds in buy-in and connects deep within the motivations and desires of any group.

Is the strategy organic and connected to the team? If not, it will wither and dry up within a season.

So if you are working with any aspect of strategic efforts, we have processes and programs that can connect directly to who you are and what you are trying to accomplish.

Are you trying to build a team which is more productive and less stressed? Call us. We can provide tools and processes that take you team to the next level.

Are you trying to develop a process or program to building your market positions into larger and larger positions? Call us. We can identify the approach and program which will marry your strengths to your markets opportunities.

Are you wanting to understand what your clients and targets want, believe and are truly looking for? Call us. We can help you identify where you truly stand with your clients and where the best opportunities are with your clients.


Business Development Success

"To transform your business development success let’s talk about TDS.

Understanding precisely what kinds of Targets makes all the difference. Not all targets are created equal.

Then understanding their business Drivers puts you at the top of the economic food chain. You don’t worry about beating your competition, you operate at a different level.

Identifying and developing Solutions address and fuel their drivers makes you the business partner of their dreams.

Give me a call to find out how TDS can transform your business."

Allen Fuqua


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